LSP Titanium Drop-Thru Washers

LSP Titanium Drop-Thru Washers
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Sold $1 per piece, $8 for a set of 8.

These are made of Titanium so they are lightweight, super strong, and will not corrode. They also fit slightly tighter around the bolt compared to our steel drop thru washers.

- These washers fit BETWEEN the MOUNTING NUTS and UNDERSIDE of the deck (in the case of drop through decks) to spread the load imposed by the little nut over a larger area.

- If you are top mounting a drop-thru deck, it is highly recommended that you do use these washers on the top side of the deck, below the bolt head, this is because the holes have very thin walls on the side facing the drop-thru cut out, and may get damaged if you countersink a bolt head in them. 

- These can also be used BETWEEN the BASEPLATE and the TOP of the deck to serve 2 purposes: 1) ensures that the truck is not sitting on any raised lettering/branding of the baseplate, and is sitting at the bolt holes instead. 2) lowers the ride height of the board, (it works like a reverse riser pad)

- Another use for these is on top mounts where the bolt holes are damaged or enlarged so much that a bolt head sinks too deep in, so you can put these under the bolt head.

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