Autobahn Stock Bearings

Autobahn Stock Bearings
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Manufacturer's Comments:

Abec 5, "Autobahn" branded blue shield bearings. Lightly oiled, closed seal. Great performance at a value price.


More info about skate bearings in general: 
Q: Does ABEC rating matter?
A: No, it is just a number that brands use to market their bearings but it will not tell you how fast or how durable the bearing is. It doesn't tell you what the materials are, the surface finish, or the type of lubricant. Besides that, brands can print whatever Abec rating they want on the box!

Q: What makes a skate bearing good?
A: Materials used - most importantly the cage that holds the balls together must be plastic. steel cages will always break. Lubrication used, light oil offers the least friction. Thick grease offers more protection but slows a bearing more than oil.

We do not sell any bad bearings so if you are unsure of your options, just buy the cheapest.


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