Monthly Archives: September 2013

New stuff in LBL now

The online store is not updated yet but these have just arrived in LBL:

High Society Gloves (XS, S, M, L or XL) $90
Darkside deck $245
Future Killer deck $280
Piranha deck $275
Toe Stop $25
Lust 70mm wheels 77a or 80a $70
Lust 75mm wheels 77a or 80a $75
restocked 1/4″ bamboo riser $2.50 each.
restocked Envy 62mm 80a wheels.
restocked avenger, amazon, fortune, vandal decks

Jet Doppler TM Complete $280 (comes with pretty aggressive griptape, Attack Star 179 Trucks, Abec11 Freerides 72mm 81a Wheels, Abec11 Biltin Bearings)
Jet Doppler TM Deck $140
Jet Potato Deck $125
Jet Hot Potato Deck $140
***ALL OLD JET DECKS (not the 3 new ones above) ARE STILL BEING CLEARED AT $100***

Abec 11
Flashbacks Restocked, and we have all the special edition colors: Pink 78a, blue 81a, amber 81a.
Freerides (66mm, 72mm & CS) Restocked
Bertz Restocked
NoSkoolz 60mm and 65mm 78a restocked
ZigZag & BigZig pink restocked
NEW PINK Powerballs 78a pink and 81a blue.

NEW Venom Bushings for Ronin Trucks $10 for a pair of HP, $12 for a pair of SHR.
We also have a new Madrid Drop Thru Complete, $220. Comes with paris trucks, cheap bearings and flashback wheels for now (the setup may be tweaked in the future).