Monthly Archives: July 2013

New Landyachtz Shipment in store now!


-NEW Fiberglass Tomahawk deck $230
-NEW Nine Two Five deck $225
-NEW El Barbaro deck $125
-NEW Bear Space Balls bearings $35
-NEW LY & Bear T-shirts $30
-Restocked Dinghy Completes
-Restocked Top Speed decks
-Restocked Peacemaker 32 decks
-Restocked Ripple Ridge decks
-Restocked Bear 852 Black trucks
-Restocked Mini Zombies wheels
-Restocked Street Hawgs 57mm 82a wheels
-Restocked Bones slide gloves

Cult Wheels Back In Stock!

In store at LBLove now!

Classics 70mm 80a – Green or Blue $50
Converters 70mm 85a – Red or Blue (great wheels to learn how to slide) $50
Cerebrum 70mm 80a – Yellow or Blue (centerset version of the classics) $60
Centrifuge 70mm 83a – Orange or White (centerset version of the converter) $60