Monthly Archives: May 2013

Super Summer Shoe Sale!


At LBLove: All Habitat shoes are now $50, or buy 2 pairs for $90!

At 418Sk8: All Habitat shoes are now $50 except Austyns, or buy 2 pairs for $90! Austyns are now $60, or buy 2 pairs for $100!

Sale now on! In store purchases only, not valid for deliveries!

New in store now!

We have also sorta switched to the new online catalog now which you can see here It is still a work in progress but most of it is done, if you have any questions or find any mistakes, feel free to email us. If you want to check stock, please call the respective stores during biz hours. LBLove @ 62700977 or 418sk8 @ 83188200(send a text msg)

Whats new at LBLove:
- All RAYNE decks are stocked (except the Vandal), including the Tech Slide series of Renegade/Phantom/Home Wrecker, and the Patrick Switzer pro model “Fortune”
- All RAYNE wheels are stocked, including the 62mm slide wheels which include a 98a version for techslides.
- We also bought lotsa RAYNE stickers!
- RAYNE graphic board racks are also for sale at $200.
- NEW LSP Helmet, only $25 because we want you to be able to afford safety gear so there is no excuse not to wear them.
- NEW LSP Pad Set, only $25, includes Knee, Elbow and Wristgaurds. sizes S, M , L.
- Indy 7s bearings restocked
- BERN Macon helmets restocked
- BERN Watts helmets restocked