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Skateboard, Cruiser, or Longboard?

Qn: What’s the difference between a Skateboard, a Cruiser, and a Longboard? Ans: In the past, a skateboard meant anything with a board and 4 wheels…. But these days the term “Skateboard” and “Skateboarding” generally refer to the modern established sport of doing tricks on natural street obstacles or at skateparks. All modern trick skateboards [...]

Longboarding FAQ, 101

The following are my personal views and knowledge, and may be biased or incorrect. 1) What is a LONGboard vs. a SKATEboard? What about Cruisers? Longboards are super fun for rolling on roads and pavements which are sometimes too rough for skateboards. Riding a longboard focuses on the actual joy of rolling on terrain, especially [...]