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Big Changes – New Ownership!

Longboard Love will be under new ownership starting February 2015.

I (Gary) have been in the skate biz for too long and I have a lot of other things I’d like to do so I’ve decided to leave the skate biz to go off into the wild. I have sold the biz to a friend (Barry) and he will be running the store.

Over the past 7 years I’ve had a great time running skateparks, skateshops and this longboard shop, and it was awesome serving all you guys! I’ll probably be around a bunch during this transition but basically I’m out of the game now :)


Because I’m a terrible at this bizniz, we have a bunch of old/less popular stock we want to clear so come by the store and ask around for clearance items. They will basically be all the less popular wheels, decks, all the habitat shoes, all the t-shirts.

Prices are about:
Clearance decks (basically all the older top mounts): $85-100
Clearance wheels: $30
All Habitat shoes: $60 for a 1, $100 for 2.
All T-shirts: $10


The online store is terribly out of date and it will no longer be in use, so its only online now as a catalog. No orders or deliveries will be made. In the future the new owner Barry might put up his own online store.

For more info call the store at 62700977 during biz hours, 2pm-8pm Tuesdays-Sundays.
Also check out the facebook page for updates, as there may be some unavoidable closures during this transition period.

New stuff in store now

the online store will be updated over the next few days

Landyachtz 2014:
Canyon Arrow deck $195
925 deck $205
Wolfshark deck $245
Switchblade 36, 38, 40 decks. $225, $235, $240
Time Machine deck $225
Drop Carve 37, 40 decks. $195, $205
Drop Hammer deck $185
Ripple Ridge deck $140
Tomahawk deck $230
El Barbaro deck $120

Dinghy Complete $200
Dinghy Tugboat Complete $210
Battle Axe 35 Complete $270
Battle Axe 40 Complete $280
Fibreglass Totem Complete $290
Fibreglass Pinner Complete $290
Fibreglass Stout Complete $280

Boss Hawgs Wheels $65
Fatty Hawgs $50

Graphic Slide Gloves $60

New 2014 Bear 852 v5 Trucks in Black, White, Rootbeer, Green/Gold. $75
Restocked Precision Grizzlies Trucks $480

Blood Orange / Caliber:
60mm Morgan Wheels $55
70mm Morgan Wheels $70
Caliber TKP Trucks 8″, 8.5″ or 9″. $70 raw, $75 black.

Riviera / Divine / Five Mile:
Five Mile Scarecrow deck $210
Fivemile Spruce Goose deck $250
Riviera Sifu deck $220
Riviera Ursa Minor/Major Amanda Powell Pro deck $220
Riviera Mystic Amanda Powell Pro deck $220
Riviera Dubes Special deck $220
Riviera Buffalo Blunt Kody Noble Pro deck $220

Riviera Kung Fu Kitty Complete $290

Divine City Slashers Wheels $55
Divine Road Rippers Wheels $70
Divine Street Slayers Wheels $75

LBL Closure

update: biz as usual sunday march 16

sorry I got sick again so LBLove at Telok Blangah will be closed from Friday 14 March until I get better, please check back here for updates. sorry for the inconvenience :(

LBL Closure

update: biz as usual

I’m very sorry that I got sick so Longboard Love at Telok Blangah will be closed from Tuesday 4 March 2014 …until I get well :( Please check back for updates.


UPDATE: Longboard Love will also be closed to 6th Jan 2014, and will reopen on Tuesday 7th Jan 2014. I am down with HFMD (Hand Foot and Mouth Disease) so no deliveries will be done either.

418 Skate Shop will be closed from 19th Dec 2013 to 6th Jan 2014, it reopens on Tuesday 7th Jan 2014.

Longboard Love will be closed from 25th Dec 2013 to 2nd Jan 2014, it reopens on Friday 3rd Jan 2014.

Online, email or phone orders for deliveries should still be available during the closure, Please text to 83188200.

New Operating Hours for Longboard Love in 2014:
Tuesday to Sunday: 2pm-8pm.
Mondays: Closed.